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The Story of Our Ramen

Our Ramen

Little Ramen Bar has a unique and authentic broth and noodle combination and we are happy to share with you some of the reasons why. 

The Broth

Our Ramen broth starts its journey at 5:00am everyday when the preparation chefs arrive to begin the broth. Rather than freeze a broth (or use a packet mix) and reheat it the next day, Little Ramen Bar uses fresh, locally sourced produce which is delivered every day. 

To be honest, the size of our Ramen Shop doesn't allow us to hold large stores of inventory so we are forced to order fresh produce everyday but it results in a better quality Ramen and stress for our Restaurant Manager when the deliveries don't arrive on time.   

The core ingredients include; pork bones, onions, garlic, ginger and other secret ingredients and begin boiling away for approximately 8 hours. It is interesting to note that little intricacies including how the pork bones are cut can influence the flavour of the broth. We often tinker with broth variations in search of the perfect Ramen. Any feedback with regards to your flavour experience with the broth will be given to the preparation chefs to make slight alterations to improve our broth and are greatly appreciated.

The Base

Ramen has two core preparation items. The first is the broth that requires a long boil to extract the beautiful tonkotsu flavours. The second is the preparation of the base/paste. We make our own miso paste rather than using a packet mix or pre-made manufacturer mix. We've trialed using packet mixes for our base in the past but the consistency and flavour is not the same as our freshly made secret miso paste. The waitresses also help out with the preparation of our base. They carefully put the ingredients together based on our recipe. The base flavours include: miso, shiyo & shoyu.   

The Egg

The eggs are boiled to a specific time based on their weight. If the eggs are a few grams over or under weight or cooked longer or shorter than expected, they won't come out perfect. Once cooked, the eggs are then peeled, seasoned and refrigerated everyday so that you’re always eating freshly boiled eggs. This is how we can achieve that beautiful gooey egg so consistently.

The BBQ Pork 

It is amazing to note how much preparation time goes into a small circle of meat. The chashu (BBQ pork slices) arrive as large chunks of Pork Belly. The preparation chefs and chefs will show off their knife skills by getting the perfect ratio of meat to fat and rolling the meat into shape. Then they tie the meat using butchers twine, ideally 6 inches long with an 8.5 inch diameter. The meat is then marinated and cooked. Once cooled, it is then sliced for service. It is the perfect cut, secret marinade, and roll into a visually appealing circle that we believe makes the perfect BBQ pork slice.

The Gyoza

The preparation chefs will also prepare the Gyoza filling and handmake each Gyoza everyday. Fresh filling is made every morning and the gyozas are hand made and then snap frozen awaiting to be steamed and fried later. Similar to the perfect Egg, the perfect Gyoza has a specific cooking time based on weight and size. 

To be honest our special Gyoza cooker from Japan does all the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the perfect golden brown Gyoza. 

What do the guys in the kitchen do? 

The head chef cooks the noodles in our restaurant. He makes sure that the noodles are nicely separated and have the right consistency prior to boiling them for the perfect time. There is a very small window for the head chef to get the cooking of the noodle correct. Too short and the noodle is hard and chewy. Too long and the noodle is soft and glugy. The perfect noodle should be bouncy in the mouth and spring with every bite. Even if the head chef cooks the noodle perfectly in the kitchen, if the waitresses doesn’t get it to the table on time, the noodles can continue to cook in the bowl and go too soft and glugy.

It is a tough life trying to cook the perfect noodle everyday and particularly under pressure when there are many orders in the kitchen at the same. Our Head chefs take pride in their work and aim to deliver the perfect noodle everytime. 

The Sous chef will then ensure the noodles and broth are perfectly matched and mixed through. The Sous chef will top your bowl of noodles with toppings specific to the Ramen you have ordered. A chashu tamago for example, will be topped with: wakame (seaweed), menma (bamboo shoots), spring onion, nori (a different type of seaweed) and a gooey egg. We try to be as generous with our toppings as possible without wasting food.

The Quest for the perfect Ramen

There are many different parts that add up together to create our Ramen but we take pride in making our Ramen fresh for you everyday and avoid taking shortcuts. We love Ramen and will continually strive to improve each component of our recipe in search for the perfect Ramen.

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